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Amy Gillett Foundation

Cycling Safety for Students

A primary school program to promote a safer bike riding environment in Australia.

Resources include: a curriculum-linked unit of work, activity sheets, extra cross-curricular lessons, bike safety facts/tips for students, and ‘just for fun’ activities.

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Go Cycling Safety for Students

Australia Post

Our Solar System

This Stamp Collecting Month (SCM) ‘Our Solar System’ website has great resource material for use all year round by primary teachers and students.

Resources include a unit of work and extra curriculum linked lessons investigating the Solar System, including all the planets, and there are accompanying videos.

Note: A sample of these resources be also be found in Themed curriculum support resources Our Solar System on this website.

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Go Our Solar System

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

ABC Splash

Australian content from across ABC TV and radio and high-quality video footage from around the world.

Resources include hundreds of videos, audio clips and games.

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Go ABC Splash

Australian Federal Police

Constable Kenny

Constable Kenny Koala is the friendly face of the program with a serious purpose — to teach children about safety, and to keep them safe for life.

Resources include those relating to road safety, bullying, staying safe at school and in the community and cyber safety.

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Go Constable Kenny

Australian Made

Australian Made

Education resources relating to the importance of buying Australian made and grown products, as well as identifying the Australian Made, Australian Grown logos.

Resources include lesson and work ideas, student facts and business case studies.

Note: These resources be also be found in Themed curriculum support resources Australian Made on this website.

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Go Australian Made

Australian Olympic Committee

Australian Olympic Education

A wide range of education resources focusing on the Olympic Games for use in your classroom.

Resources are available for lower primary, primary and secondary year levels.

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Go Australian Olympic Education

Australian Organic

Australian Organic Schools

Education resources relating to organic gardening and produce.

Resources include comprehensive, curriculum-linked units of work (on the topics of organic gardening, nutrition and farm-to-me), activity sheets, student fun activities and resources for parents/carers and the canteen.

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Go Australian Organic Schools

Australian Securities & Investments Commission (Australian Government)

MoneySmart Teaching

ASIC’s comprehensive strategy to develop consumer and financial literacy capabilities in young Australians.

Resources for teachers include units of work, digital activities, and ‘MoneySmart Schools’ – a program to assist teachers to implement consumer and financial literacy education.

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Go MoneySmart Teaching

Beyond Bank Australia

Beyond Money – earning > saving > spending – primary education program

Beyond Money is a free financial literacy education program designed for students in years 5 to 7.

Resources include a seven-topic unit of work, student fact sheets, work sheets and SMART Notebook files, and paper craft characters for students to make.

Note: A sample of these resources can be viewed in Themed curriculum support resources Beyond Money on this website.

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Go Beyond Money – earning > saving > spending – primary education program

Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia

Our nation’s trusted advisor on the geology and geography of Australia, Geoscience Australia applies science and technology to describe and understand the earth for the benefit of Australia.

Resources for primary and secondary students include background information, teacher resource booklets and student activities.

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Go Geoscience Australia

Home Affairs (Australian Government Department of)

Harmony Day

Assists with educating about the importance of cultural diversity. Harmony Day encourages values, promotes participation and provides fun ways for students to learn.

Resources include early childhood, primary and lower secondary lesson plans, student work sheets and more.

Note: Harmony Day resources be also be found in Themed curriculum support resources Harmony Day on this website.

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Go Harmony Day

KESAB environmental solutions

STUFF AT HOME – put it in the right bin

Consists of an interactive house which is a fun and engaging way to educate students about the correct disposal of common household items.

Also included are student facts, cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying student activity sheets.

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Go STUFF AT HOME – put it in the right bin

KESAB environmental solutions

Junk Craft™

Junk Craft™ activities provide a great way for you to combine common classroom resources with recycled materials and objects from nature to create interesting craft items.

Resources include instructions and templates for six craft activities – a Koala & Bilby, Redback Spider, Leafy Sea Dragon, Captain Arthur Phillip’s Hat, First Fleet Tall Ship and War Commemorative items.

Also includes related facts for students and curriculum-aligned lessons to complement and extend craft activities.

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Go Junk Craft™

KESAB environmental solutions & City of Port Adelaide Enfield

Foods scraps to compost

Educates schools and the wider community about the effective use of the green organics bin to divert food scraps from landfill.

Resources include lesson ideas and student work sheets, student facts, engaging interactives and fun activities for students.

Although developed for South Australia, resources are relevant for a national audience.

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Go Foods scraps to compost

KESAB environmental solutions & Green Industries SA

Wipe Out Waste (WOW)

This program is a whole school community approach to waste management and learning. It offers professional development sessions, bin material audits, field trips and a range of education resources (including lessons, videos, big books and interactive games) to support waste management.

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Go Wipe Out Waste (WOW)

KESAB environmental solutions & SA Water

APY Lands – Let’s be sustainable

Useful information about water – how it is treated, when it is safe to drink, how to use it wisely and who’s looking after it. There are also statistics about water use in several APY Lands communities.

Resources include curriculum-linked units of work, lesson ideas, student work sheets informative e-books (with read aloud functions) and several interactives (quiz, animated diagram and board game) to engage students.

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Go APY Lands – Let’s be sustainable

KESAB environmental solutions & Sims Metal Management (Australian metal recycling company)

Sims Metal Management Processing: A Guided Tour

This microsite incorporates an interactive guided tour of the environmentally important metal recycling process (suitable for classroom IWB display).

The interactive shows the recycling processes involved, from the receipt of metal materials to the delivery to Australian and overseas customers for use in the manufacture of new products.

Also included are some interesting environmental facts.

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Go Sims Metal Management Processing: A Guided Tour

KESAB environmental solutions in partnership with Australian Packaging Covenant and WRIGLEY

Litter Less

Resources to educate students about litter issues in local, national and global contexts.

Resources include lessons, student work sheets, animations and interactives.

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Go Litter Less

Meat & Livestock Australia

Cattle and sheep farming today virtual excursion

Bring the farm to your classroom with this fun, free, curriculum-linked virtual excursion for students from Foundation to Year 6. Students will engage with beef and lamb farmers, live on video stream, seeing and hearing what they do on their farms (including how they look after the plants and animals, how climate effects their decisions and the importance of modern technology and science in agriculture).

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Go Cattle and sheep farming today virtual excursion

Meat & Livestock Australia

Australian Good Meat

Good Meat provides important information about cattle, sheep and goat production in Australia, focusing primarily on animal welfare, protecting the environment, and health and nutrition. The site contains an education resources section where you can find study guides, lesson ideas, activity sheets, digital lessons and more.

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Go Australian Good Meat

National Australia Day Council

Australia Day

Designed to support and promote active citizenship with young Australians.

Inquiry focused resources target three age levels: Years 3 – 6 ‘Hero’, Years 5 – 7 ‘Australia Day Celebrations’ and Years 7 – 8 ‘Exploring Australian of the Year Awards’.

Note: Australia related resources be also be found in Themed curriculum support resources Australia on this website.

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Go Australia Day

National Capital Educational Tourism Project

National Capital Educational Tourism Project

All you need to know about planning a school excursion to Canberra, Australia’s National Capital.

On the site you can apply for a National Capital Teacher Pass, request a free copy of the National Capital School Excursion Planner and find out more about Canberra’s attractions.

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Go National Capital Educational Tourism Project

Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner


Education resources include those for primary and secondary students relating to cyberbullying.

A Kids Helpline is provided and eSafety resources for parents.

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Go eSafety

Royal Australian Mint (Australian Government)

Investigating Australian Coins

Resource materials to educate about the history of Australia’s coins, their value and how they are made. Included are curriculum appropriate units of work, lesson ideas, student work sheets and fun interactives for lower primary, primary and middle years teachers and students.

Note: Resources can also be found in Themed curriculum support resources Investigating Australian Coins on this website.

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Go Investigating Australian Coins

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

Works to prevent downing and facilitate healthy, active lifestyles by equipping all Australian with water safety skills.

In the ‘Schools’ section you will find a number of different education programs with water safety messages for all ages.

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Go Royal Life Saving Society – Australia

WA Police

Goodbye Graffiti

Information and comprehensive resources to assist with educating about graffiti prevention, reporting and removal.

Resources include lesson plans for early, primary and middle years students, supporting resources (articles, videos, research etc.) and assessment rubrics.

Developed by WA Police, but suitable for all Australian teachers.

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Go Goodbye Graffiti