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Melinda's Diary

Melinda’s diary will take you and your students back to the 1990s, to a very popular, regular article that appeared in an educational, literacy-based children’s magazine, called ‘Contagious’. It was published by Kids Media and was so named to reflect the notion that positive values and attributes such as laughter, kindness and patience can be ‘contagious’.

Life was a little different back in the 90s, and of course, there were no mobile phones or social media!

Melinda’s diary, while primarily written to provide light-hearted reading material for primary students and to make reading fun, also incorporates subtle values messages to assist students to develop important life skills.

For educators, each episode of the diary includes a comprehension quiz, a list of words that can be used for literacy activities, and questions for student discussion.

More Melinda’s diary episodes will be released periodically, with each new release promoted via the ‘For Teachers for students’ Facebook page:


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TitleDiary EntriesRelated Literacy Activities

Episode 1 – ‘I’ve wanted a diary for ages!’

Episode 2 – ‘A pet guinea pig – no thanks!’

Episode 3 – ‘Can ‘old’ Nick learn a new trick?’

Episode 4 – ‘Choices! Choices! Choices!’

Episode 5 – ‘Making a gift for Nick was a mistake!’

Episode 6 – ‘I can’t help being horse crazy!’