Facts for students

Dragonflies are some of the most beautiful insects and often capture our attention with their amazing flying skills.

Check out the student fact sheets listed in the right-hand column for more information about dragonflies. You will find general information, plus specific facts about the following:

  • Arrowhead Rockmaster

    Arrowhead Rockmaster
    (damselfly – Diphlebia nymphoides)
  • Australian Tiger

    Australian Tiger
    (Ictinogomphus australis)
  • Beautiful Petaltail

    Beautiful Petaltail
    (Petalura pulcherrima)
  • Jewel Flutterer

    Jewel Flutterer
    (Rhyothemis resplendens)
  • Scarlet Percher

    Scarlet Percher
    (Diplacodes haematodes)


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Facts for students