Lessons and activity sheets

Curriculum-linked unit of work and cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets (see right-hand column) written for students in the primary years, on the topic of dragonflies.

Content is available in PDF format and, where applicable, accompanied by SMART Notebook files.

Unit of work

Dragonflies are one of the most beautiful and captivating creatures of the insect world. They capture our attention and imagination as they hover weightless mid-air before darting off in a flash of brilliance.

In the right-hand column you will find a five-lesson unit of work investigating dragonflies. The lessons are aimed at students in Years 3 to 7, but are flexible enough to be adapted for other year levels.

Each lesson has a brief introduction, broad learning outcomes, a list of required resources, suggested assessment options and activity sheets.

There is also an Australian Curriculum year level chart which outlines the unit links to Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and English for Years 3 to 7.

Cross-curricular resources

There are extra cross-curricular lesson ideas focused on dragonflies to support the unit of work.


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Unit of work