Lessons and activity sheets

Unit of work and curriculum-linked lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets (see right-hand column), written for primary and middle years students, on the topic of eye health and safety.

Content is available in PDF format, and where applicable, accompanied by SMART Notebook files.

Unit of work

It can be a daily challenge to ensure that your students are learning to the best of their abilities. Research has shown that as many as one in ten children have a vision problem that can interfere with their ability to learn, often resulting in stress and frustration for the child and the teacher. Early detection of vision disorders by an optometrist is essential.

This five-lesson unit of work will encourage primary-aged children to think about how their eyes work, understand the importance of keeping their eyes healthy, build awareness and understanding of vision disorders and how they affect daily life and consider how their environment and choices can impact their eye health.

Cross-curricular resources

In this section your will find a selection of eye health-themed, curriculum-linked lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets written for primary and middle years students.

Broad learning outcomes

Using this curriculum material will assist students in achieving the following broad learning outcomes:

  • Students will explore the importance of eye health and maintaining good vision.
  • Students will investigate historical and contemporary technologies relating to eye health.


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