Facts for students

Below are introductions to the student fact sheets that are listed in the right-hand column. The fact sheets contain information about the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) and a number of important marine species.

About AFMA

AFMA personnel

Information about the work of the Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

Sustainability and the environment

Find out how the AFMA works to ensure Australia’s fisheries are used sustainably.


Trawling is a common method of fishing. Find out more about it.

Managing threatened, endangered or protected (TEP) species

Find out more about how marine species are classified and looked after.

Marine species facts

Fish school

Find out more about how marine species are classified in these student fact sheets:

  • Protecting our seals and sea lions
  • Protecting our sharks
  • Protecting our dolphins and porpoises
  • Protecting our whales
  • Protecting our marine turtles

Marine fast facts

Interesting general facts about managing marine environments.


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Facts for students