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Featured resources

Endangered Wildlife - Stamp Collecting Month 2016

Features seven native and exotic animals that are at risk of extinction.

Remembrance Day

The history and traditions relating to Remembrance Day as well as ties to the World War I armistice.

ANZAC Centenary and ANZAC Day

Its history, commemorations and ongoing meaning to Australians.

Christmas Around the World

For primary students - focuses on Christmas, its traditions and how it is celebrated around the world.

Christmas time

For lower primary students - focuses on the traditions and celebrations of Christmas.



Investigating Australian Coins

For lower primary students - explores Australian coins, how they are made and their history.

'More than money' primary education program

Focuses on financial literacy, money management and educating about earning, saving and spending.

2016 Australian Paralympic Team Letter Link

Letters can still be received by the end of October 2016.


Explores the theme of Australia including geography, population, wildlife, attractions, symbols and more.

International Day of People with Disability

Focuses on understanding the contribution people with disability make to the community.

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