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‘For Teachers for students’ (FTfs) is owned by Kids Media, an Australian company, operating since 1987, that specialises in communicating with teachers and students across all Australian education systems.

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About the website

‘For Teachers for students’ was launched in July 2009 and has since grown into a well-respected and highly visited website for lower primary, primary and middle-years teachers and home-school educators.

The website has been specifically designed for busy educators who want fast and intuitive access to flexible, curriculum-appropriate education resources that can be easily adapted to meet the learning needs of their students.

Our aims are to:

  • assist busy teachers and home school educators to find locally produced, curriculum-appropriate resources on a wide range of topics
  • ensure FTfs content is well-written – good literacy is a priority
  • deploy education resources and programs that are widely accepted by educators as being of benefit to the wellbeing of children.

‘For Teachers for students’ education resources are available to teachers without prior registration.

FTfs content sections

  1. Themed curriculum support resources: ‘topic’ facts for students, units of work, lesson ideas, student activity sheets, IWB files plus extra resources such as short stories, interactive quizzes and games, videos and other useful educational websites.
  2. More resources
    • Request free mailed resources: free, hard-copy Australian education resources available for request by Australian teachers and sent through the mail.
    • Templates and masters: printable templates and masters for student activities.
    • Education websites: web links to Australian and international educational content websites.
    • Photos & illustrations: images included in the various Themed curriculum support resources found on this site.
    • Interactives & videos: educational and fun – designed to support various topics relating to your teaching program.
    • For fast finishers: a variety of themed, fun activity sheets for fast finishers or to extend student learning.
  3. For your calendar: dates for special education events, festivals, conferences etc.

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