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Australian Organic owns and supports Australia’s largest certifying group Australian Certified Organic. Their mission is to raise awareness of organic produce through the Australian Certified Organic ‘bud’ logo.

Following is the Australian Organic education material posted on FTfs.

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Australian Organic Schools

A poster pack containing two classroom posters – ‘What’s in Season?’ and ‘Australian Organic – did you know?’.

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  • lower primary
  • primary
  • middle years

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Australian Organic Schools

Education resources relating to organic gardening and produce.

Resources include comprehensive, curriculum-linked units of work (on the topics of organic gardening, nutrition and farm-to-me), activity sheets, student fun activities and resources for parents/carers and the canteen.

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Australian Organic Schools

  • lower primary
  • primary
  • middle years

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Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM): Held every September, AOAM celebrates certified organic products across a diverse range of industries including fresh produce, packaged food and beverages, skincare, cosmetics, textiles, pet food and more. Organic Farming, Food and Products resources are available on this site. For more information about AOAM visit

1 September 2019 –
30 September 2019