Cassie's Australian Odyssey

Read about Cassie’s family holiday around Australia in this series of fictional diary entries.

24 Jan’

Dear Diary,

We are doing lots of travelling these summer holidays. Mum, Dad, my brother Jack and I spent the weekend on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. We caught the ferry over from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw. Jack and I stood out on the deck, watching the wind farm on the mainland fade into the distance as we approached the island.

We’ve done a lot of driving around and have seen lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery. We have been to Seal Bay where hundreds of sea lions live on the beach. We went for a walk and saw lots of adorable seal cubs playing in the waves and sun baking on the warm sand. Jack created a ruckus when he started making seal-noises and a big angry male seal started barking back! I don’t think the tour guide was very happy with Jack. We also went to a honey farm and ate honey ice cream, it was delicious – but Jack spilt his down his shirt!

The next day we drove to the Remarkable Rocks and then to Admiral’s Arch. There were so many fur seals (they’re different to sea lions) playing in the rock pools around Admiral’s Arch.

We travelled back to Adelaide and now we are in the airport waiting to fly to Darwin.

I’ll write again soon,

Love, Cassie


Ice Cream

25 Jan’

Dear Diary,

We arrived in Darwin in the Northern Territory yesterday afternoon. It is so warm and tropical here! We walked through the gardens and when it got dark, we went to see a movie at the Deckchair Cinema. It was really cool sitting beneath the stars in the colourful deckchairs. The movie was a comedy and Jack was laughing so hard that his soft drink came out of his nose! Gross!

Today, we drove to Litchfield National Park and went swimming in the waterfalls. There was a big one where you got to swim into the splash and have it pour down over your head. At another one, which was much smaller, Jack and I were sitting in the rush of flowing water. It didn’t take Jack long to figure out that the smooth, slippery parts of the river were like a rock waterslide.

We also stopped at the museum which taught us all about Cyclone Tracy. It nearly destroyed Darwin AND it struck on Christmas Eve, how horrible!

Next time I write we’ll be in a different state!

Love, Cassie

Shooting Star

Feather and Shell

29 Jan’

Dear Diary,

We have spent the last few days in Byron Bay in New South Wales. Byron Bay has a lovely beach and we have been for a swim every day.

There are lots of interesting shops around the place. I bought some postcards at a newsagent and sent them to some school friends. Dad bought a pair of ridiculous silk, patchwork pants that he promised mum he would never wear outside of the house, but guess what? Tonight, he wore them out to dinner at a restaurant! It was so embarrassing!

Tomorrow we’re going to Sydney to see the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Auntie Roselyn, Mum’s sister, has an apartment in the city so we will get to stay with her and her family! I’m so excited to meet Robbie, her new baby boy.

I’ll write again soon!


Patchwork Pants

Sydney Harbour Bridge

7 Feb’

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. When we were leaving Byron Bay, Jack accidentally packed my diary into the bottom of his suitcase and we didn’t find it until today! I have a feeling he was secretly reading it when I wasn’t looking!

We are in Canberra at the moment, which is the capital city of Australia. We have been seeing lots of important sights like Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial as well as the Museum and Art Gallery. Canberra has lots of parks and gardens and is very pretty.

I’d better catch you up on Sydney as well. We did lots of sight seeing! My favourite day was when we went to Bondi Beach. Jack and I went swimming then sat on the beach eating fish and chips and watching the surfers!

On our last night in Sydney we went out for a big family dinner with Aunt Roselyn at this old Italian restaurant at the Rocks. Jack spent all night making silly faces at cute little baby Robbie to make him laugh. Mum and Aunt Roselyn were so glad to spend time together. Aunt Roselyn promised to come and spend Easter with us!

We are leaving Canberra after lunch tomorrow and then we’ll be heading home!

Until next holiday!

Love, Cassie


Fish and Chips



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