Lessons and activity sheets

This section contains a six-topic unit of work, curriculum link tables for years 4 to 8, cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying activity sheets (see right-hand column) written for students in the primary/middle years, on the topic of cattle and sheep farming in Australia.

Content is available in PDF format and, where applicable, accompanied by SMART Notebook files.

Unit of work

The unit of work (found in the right-hand column) aims to introduce students to the work of cattle and sheep farmers today. They will explore five farming-related topics, then use that information to design a farm of their own (in topic 6). The topics include the daily life of a farmer, caring for the environment, animal welfare, issues of biosecurity and productivity, and technology use on farms.

Each lesson has a brief introduction, a list of required resources, and extension and assessment options. Each topic will take several lessons to complete.

Please note: the videos required for the topics are available in the Extra resources section.

Cross-curricular resources

There are extra cross-curricular lessons about farming that will support the unit of work.


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Cross-curricular resources