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Curriculum-linked unit of work and cross-curricular lesson ideas and accompanying worksheets (see right-hand column) written for students in the primary years, on the topic of democracy and government in Australia.

Unit of work

The unit of work (found in the right-hand column) aims to introduce students to the idea of democracy and how it is represented in Australia. They will research various types of rule and participate in activities that allow them to experience these as decision-makers and citizens.

They will consider Australia’s three-tier system of government, identify the roles and responsibilities of federal, state and local governments and be introduced to how members are elected to these institutions.

Finally, students will consider some symbols of democracy and how they shape our national identity.

Each lesson has a brief introduction, a list of required resources and extension and assessment options. The ‘lessons’ in this unit may take more than one standard lesson to complete.

Cross-curricular resources

There are extra cross-curricular lessons about democracy and government that will support the unit of work.


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Unit of work
Cross-curricular resources